Moira McAlister interviewed by Living Arts, Canberra

Moira McAlister

Moira McAlister, author of Izzy – an historical novel built on the life of her great, great grandmother, Inez Seville Fitzgerald – was recently interviewed on the Living Arts Canberra podcast during which she discussed history, family history and the art of writing in the context of Izzy.

Learn more about how to weave fact and fiction together to interest the reader while educating them by listening to Moira’s interview here:

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Jeff Hopkins celebrates his 18th published book

Jeff Hopkins

IndieMosh author Jeff Hopkins has just received the printed proof for his 18th (yes 18th!!) title, his upcoming release, Directed by McCardle O’Hanlon. Look out for this book which should be released next week and watch the below video for his sneak peek unveiling of his new book and a return to his other books. Congratulations Jeff 🥂

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Praise for ‘My Name is Jimmy’ by Garrick Jones

Garrick Jones

Author Garrick Jones was thrilled to hear his latest story, My Name is Jimmy, given a great rap in a recent episode of Brad Shreve’s Queer Writers of Crime podcast. In Episode 137, Justene sings the praises of Garrick’s writing talents as she talks about this crime novella set in post WWII Australia. Here’s the excerpt:


Or enjoy the entire episode here:

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Author Talk: Susan Broomhall in conversation with Margie Hartley

Susan Broomhall

Being part of a toxic workplace or having a toxic leader can be complicated and confusing, and one person’s experience can be vastly different from another’s. So how do we know if we’re in a toxic workplace or have a toxic leader, and what can we do about it?

Margie Hartley talks to Susan Broomhall, Behavioural Scientist, CEO of Bright Research and Insights, and author of Bullying and Harassment: Understanding the psychological and behavioural tactics of the toxic leadership stronghold, to get an evidence-based understanding of the different tactics used by toxic leaders that form a pattern of bullying, how a chaotic and dysfunctional environment enables leaders to have control, and insights to help navigate bullying and harassment in the workplace.

If the above player doesn’t work for you, try this link:

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‘The Eel of Te Raki’: NZ author Babara Petrie’s novel reviewed in The Woodpecker

Barbara Petrie

‘This book is a daring to delve deeper into the hidden stories that lie buried in the whenua of the author’s turangawae. She craftily explores and comes to terms with what lies hidden.’

And so playwright, novelist, poet and film-maker Kathleen Gallagher’s summarises her review of The Eel of Te Raki by Barbara Petrie. Enjoy the full review on page 32 in the May 2022 edition of The Woodpecker:

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‘Finding Teo’: Australian author Marjorie Morrissey writes about another ‘lost’ child of the Greek Civil War era

Marjorie Morrissey

During the Greek Civil War more than 50,000 people died and more than 500,000 Greeks were displaced from their homes. 24,000 children left the country for unknown destinations. By the end of November 1950, 172 unaccompanied children had arrived in Australia.

“How do you find someone in a country that was ravaged by war last century?”
The answer lies in Marjorie Morrissey’s book, “Finding Teo”.

Read the full article on Neos Kosmos here:

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