Marjorie Morrissey

Fiction, cultural heritage


Born and bred in Canberra, Marjorie started her career as a teacher in NSW and subsequently worked overseas and elsewhere in Australia. In 1996, she started a love affair with Australia’s Northern Territory where she lived and had an executive career for many years. More recently, she returned to home base from where she was lucky enough to have more time for travel (when possible), study and writing. Finding Teo was conceived overseas, is her first novel and was written as part of her 2020 Master of Applied Arts and Humanities (Research).



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Finding Teo

Finding Teo

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Anna is thirty and feels stuck at work and home. She then lands a job in Athens to cover international news stories and to fly away from her extended Greek-Irish Australian family. Just before she is due to leave, her grandmother has a stroke and the significance of finding Teo begins to surface.