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IndieMosh is proud to support Room to Read Australasia. As a publisher of a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction books, we support the idea that education is a vital key to combating poverty and overcoming restrictions. An educated person is more likely to be able to independently survive, or even succeed, in life.

To help with this mission, in January 2017 IndieMosh began donating to the Sydney chapter of Room to Read Australasia at the rate of $15 for every Blue Combo publishing package, $10 for every Red Print Only package and $5 for every Coral Ebook Only publishing package completed. From October 2022, we doubled our per-package donation rate to:

  • Coral Ebook Only – $10
  • Red Print Only – $20
  • Blue Combo – $30

Donations have been made as follows:

Total so far: $6580

About Room to Read

Founded in 2000 on the belief that World Change Starts with Educated Children®, Room to Read is creating a world free from illiteracy and gender inequality. We are achieving this goal by helping children in low-income communities develop literacy skills and a habit of reading, and by supporting girls to build skills to succeed in secondary school and negotiate key life decisions.

Room to Read collaborates with local communities, partner organizations and governments to test and implement innovative models that can be integrated into the education system to deliver positive outcomes for children at scale. To date, Room to Read has benefited more than 18 million children across 16 countries and 39,000 communities and aims to reach 40 million children by 2025. Learn more at

“Literacy unlocks the door to learning throughout life, is essential to development and health, and opens the way for democratic participation and active citizenship.”
-Kofi Annan, former United Nations Secretary-General