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IndieMosh helps Australian authors self publish their books.

We're proud to say we've published 235 authors and 402 titles - so far!

IndieMosh provides publishing services to Australian indie authors. We can help you self publish your masterpiece by turning your manuscript into a print on demand paperback, hardback or ebook, and making it available online to bookshops, retailers and readers across the world.

We're a family-run business in rural New South Wales who perfected the self publishing process while publishing our own books and those of family and friends. Now we've set our system up to help Aussie authors just like you.


Recently published with IndieMosh:

The Distant Kingdoms 14: Dragonesque
Who saw Beauty cry, and failed to hold her left hand?: Meditations for women
Angels of the Morning
Robust In Love: My Brave Heart Journey
Watering the Garden
OWL BOOK 3: The Secret Dialogues and Thoughts Dramatised
The House with a Thousand Stairs
Sophie's Sister
Nuru's Moment of Courage

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How can IndieMosh help you?

Blue Combo Print and Ebook package – our most popular option

We'll format and publish your book via Ingram’s Lightning Source and (if it’s a paperback in a compatible size) via Amazon’s KDP platform, giving your book access to 40,000 online and bricks and mortar retailers across the world.

You don't need to buy hundreds of copies of your book upfront – we use 21st century print on demand (PoD) systems that allow you to sell your books affordably, one at a time, right across the world.

And we’ll format and publish your ebook to Amazon (for Kindle) and Smashwords (who will then distribute it to Apple iBooks, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and more).

You don't need an American tax file number or bank account – we take care of that.

You don't need to wait for your Amazon royalties to hit US$100 – we pay out each month and there’s no minimum threshold. That’s right – even if you only earn a dollar, we’ll pay you.

You don't need to see your life's work compromised by a traditional publisher for a tiny royalty – we will publish your book and pay you a minimum 85% of net royalties received for life.

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Discrete self publishing services

Don’t need the whole kit and caboodle? That’s okay, we also provide the following services:

  • Coral Ebook Only package – for those who don’t need or wish to have a print version, or for those wanting to test the waters before committing to print
  • Red Print Book Only package – for those who don’t need or wish to have an ebook version, or for those whose book isn’t suitable as an ebook
  • Green for Go It Alone package – for those with their own ISBNs and own IngramSpark, KDP or other accounts, we can design and create any or all of your print-ready or ebook files (print internals, print cover, epub ebook, mobi (Kindle) ebook and ebook cover) for you to upload to your own accounts
  • Platinum Full Service package – for those that require more, we also offer the full suite of manuscript assessment, editing, proofreading and publishing

Why choose IndieMosh?

What sets us apart from many other self-publishing facilitators (or author services providers) is that IndieMosh:

  • is Australian-owned and Australian-run
  • provides personalised service to each author
  • will help you as little or as much as you need
  • aggregates your royalties from multiple distributors and retailers saving you the trouble of obtaining a US ITIN (tax file number) and then waiting months, or even years, until you reach their payment thresholds
  • reports on your royalties on a monthly basis
  • pays a minimum of 85% of net royalties
  • pays royalties on a monthly basis, the month after we receive them – we don’t hold them for three or six months
  • has no minimum payout threshold – no matter how little you earn, we pay you
  • pays directly to your Australian bank account
  • allows you to order wholesale print on demand (PoD) copies of your book at any time, and in any number – just send us an email to get the ball rolling
  • allows you to choose the retail price for your book (with some guidance)
  • operates as an aggregator and distributor of Australian ebook and PoD titles
  • will supply ISBNs and publish your book under our MoshPit Publishing imprint
  • will allow you to supply your own ISBNs, if you’d prefer to publish under your own imprint
  • will format your print on demand and ebook titles, as well as create your cover files for you, to meet the standards of our print and ebook partners
  • will create files for you to upload to your own PoD and ebook accounts if you have your own ISBNs and don’t wish to use our aggregation and distribution services
  • doesn’t insist on a minimum term if you publish with us. If you wish to withdraw your title at any stage, just email us and we’ll ‘unpublish’ – no questions asked.

Welcome to IndieMosh and we look forward to helping you become a published author!


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