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What on earth is an IndieMosh?

IndieMosh is a service which helps guide Australian indie authors through the self publishing process. We can help you turn your manuscript into a paperback, hardback or ebook, and make it available online to bookshops, retailers and readers across the world. We can help you every step of way, from writing guidance, editing and design through to marketing.

We believe in using 21st century technologies such as print on demand and ebooks to help lessen the impact of the publishing world on the environment. And to help lessen the economic impact of self publishing on your wallet!

Since its inception in New South Wales in 2009, IndieMosh has been a steadfast ally to Australian authors. In a significant leap forward in 2023, IndieMosh joined Tellwell Publishing. This strategic move, following Tellwell’s involvement in over 500 Australian book projects since 2018, markedly expanded the combined publishing capabilities of Tellwell and IndieMosh in the Australian market.

How can IndieMosh help you?

We have a range of packages and tailored options to help you bring your book to life.
Our most popular package is our BlueCombo print on demand and ebook option:


Global distribution

We’ll format and publish your book via Ingram’s Lightning Source, giving your book access to 40,000 online and bricks and mortar retailers across the world.


Start with just one copy

You don’t need to buy hundreds of copies of your book upfront – we use 21st century print on demand (PoD) systems that allow you to sell your books affordably, one at a time, right across the world.


Ebook publishing

And we’ll format and publish your ebook to Amazon (for Kindle) and Smashwords (who will then distribute it to Apple iBooks, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and more).



Polish your manuscript for crisp, clear, and concise writing. A well-edited book ensures that your story shines through, free from distracting grammar errors and typos.


Marketing and Publicity

Effectively marketing a book starts with knowing your target audience, the competition, the purpose of your book and what makes it unique. The next step is implementing proven tactics to promote your book and build your personal brand.


Full creative control, generous royalties

You don’t need to see your life’s work compromised by a traditional publisher for a tiny royalty – we will publish your book and pay you a minimum 85% of net royalties.

Customised Publishing Proposal

We have several publishing ‘packages’ which combine the most commonly needed services, which may include some level of editing, design, distribution or marketing. But the best option depends on your specific needs. That is why we recommend connecting with us directly regarding your specific project. We’ll tailor a solution for you based on your goals, needs and budget. Every author is unique, which means every day is interesting for us. We’re excited you hear about your project!

We publish nonfiction, fiction, memoirs, childrens' books and more!

For a detailed breakdown of our services we'll send you a free copy of our guide to self-publishing and provide a customized proposal based on your needs.

Standard Publishing Package

Our standard publishing package is a good start to getting your paperback book into major distribution channels. It includes a professionally formatted interior layout and a professionally designed front and back cover.

Of course, like all our options, this package also includes a designated Project Manager to support you step-by-step through the process. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

Professional Package

Our professional publishing package includes comprehensive distribution in paperback, hardcover and ebook formats. It offers the professional design and layout of your book in each format plus a book marketing consultation to help you strategize and build a custom marketing strategy (25-30 pages) for your book. It also comes with a book backgrounder (a two-page professionally designed book resume), an essential tool for your initial marketing efforts.

All Inclusive

The all-inclusive publishing package takes your book to the next level by adding substantive editing and an author website. The substantive edit includes one round of content editing and one round of copy editing. The goal is to enhance the quality of your manuscript by first addressing its overall structure, and then correcting grammatical and other technical errors. On the marketing side, an author website helps you build an online presence, create a fanbase, and market your book.

Learn more about our breadth of services here:

Acknowledgement of Country

IndieMosh and Mosher’s Business Support acknowledge the Traditional Custodians – past, present and future – of the lands where we work and the places in which we live. We respect the histories of the First Nations peoples to Australia and support the continuation of their cultural, spiritual and educational practices. IndieMosh is based mainly in Dharug and Gundungurra country.

Indigenous friendly

LGBTQI friendly

Member: Small Press Network

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IndieMosh is proud to support Room to Read Australia.

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