Should you use IndieMosh to help you self-publish your book?

Perhaps the feedback below will help you with your considerations and deliberations!

Geoff KanofskiOCD ADHD Tourette web-friendly cover

OCD, ADHD, Tourette Syndrome: A sufferer’s discovery of how these disorders are functionally linked

IndieMosh Self Publishing was professional in its delivery of services. And Jenny Mosher was generous and heartily committed throughout the process.



The Creek by Tony Pritchard Canoeing Down the Darling by Tony Pritchard Paddling Down the Darling by Tony Pritchard Drifting Down the Darling by Tony Pritchard

Tony Pritchard

The Creek, Canoeing Down the Darling, Paddling Down the Darling, Drifting Down the Darling

Four books published with IndieMosh and more to come. The IndieMosh team have been professional and caring in all that they do. And upfront about packages and costs. All correspondence is answered promptly in a detailed manner, and all time frames are met. And from a personal perspective, I feel acknowledged and accepted with how I write and how I would like that writing to be presented. Advice is given – you decide. And best of all, IndieMosh let me ask questions, like I mean lots of questions, and show great patience with me. Thank you.

Daf Hewson  Reflective Practice in Supervision by Daphne Hewson and Michael Carroll Reflective Supervision Toolkit by Daphne Hewson and Michael Carroll

Reflective Practice in Supervision and Reflective Supervision Toolkit

Publishing Reflective Practice in Supervision and the accompanying Toolkit allowed me to consolidate many years of experience and share my knowledge with practitioners from all the health and teaching professions.

It also provides me with a passive income stream – and I don’t have to do a thing. IndieMosh handled it all for me.

Working with IndieMosh to navigate the self publishing path took the pain out of the process. I couldn’t have done it without them.

Tranquillity Fields by John Aitkenhead - front cover

John Aitkenhead

Tranquillity Fields

I would like to seriously thank IndieMosh for their help and guidance through the process of having Tranquillity Fields published. In this day and age it is refreshing to find people with genuine sincerity, creating a working environment which I found not only helpful but a really nice experience.

Attempts at gaining the interest of traditional publishers can be soul destroying and brings to mind the expression “not what you know but who you know”. The industry has many who will claim to provide a route to publishing, with advice on how to write your book and pitch your synopsis to publishers all at substantial cost, but usually with little success. I have been there.

Tranquillity Fields is my fifth published book, so I can speak with experience having dealt with three previous publishers. The benefit of IndieMosh is the seamless services provided in one place, from receipt of initial manuscript through to provision of a completed book all under one roof. I found continuous communication throughout the process (almost daily) to be the answer to getting the book to fruition. So that Tranquillity Fields in my hand was exactly the way I wanted it, rather than a ‘leave it to us’ attitude of previous publishers I have used.

I cannot speak highly enough of IndieMosh and their self-publishing process.

Marian LesterDoggo Philosophy by Marian Lester

Doggo Philosophy: Leo and Georgie’s guide to a better world in 14 days

After receiving many rejections from, or just being completely ignored by, publishers, I looked at self-publishing my book. It all seemed a little too hard.

So Doggo Philosophy was filed away under (yet another) ‘Unfinished Project’. Then 12 months later a friend sent me the link to IndieMosh …

IndieMosh were fabulous and clearly set out how they could enable me to self publish, what was involved and what they could offer. Jenny and Ally were a delight to work with at every step. From enthusiastic encouragement, to gentle suggestions, every step of the way was made with clear and prompt communication, bucket-loads of patience and good humour; even as I made yet one more ‘final’ change!

I am honoured and thankful that IndieMosh agreed to help me realise Doggo Philosophy from ‘Unfinished Project’ to ‘Published Book’, for I can see already the joy the book has brought to many people.

cross my heart and hope to try by Adrianna BogdanovskiAdrianna Bogdanovski

cross my heart and hope to try

Thank you, Astrid. I received my printed proof this afternoon and have spent the day going through everything. I just want to express my gratitude and appreciation for you, Ally, Jenny and the entire team that works to get all of this done for people like me. I was beyond impressed with the quality, appearance and entire process in general. Thank you so much for bringing my visions to life with this book.

Nadia Kehoe The Curse of Aggie Muldoon by Nadia Kehoe

The Curse of Aggie Muldoon

Wow – can’t believe this day has arrived. I keep looking at both Amazon and Smashwords and it still feels surreal that I am a published author. I owe this to both of you. Don’t know how to thank you both for such an amazing experience, I couldn’t have done this on my own.


 Donna Gibbs

The Mice Go Bush by Donna GibbsThe Mice Down Under by Donna GibbsWhen the Cat's Away by Donna Gibbs The Mice Go Bush, The Mice Down Under and When the Cat’s Away

Jenny and Ally Mosher know the ins and outs of the self publishing world intimately and are brilliant at sharing their knowledge with their clients. They reply promptly and helpfully to queries, handle everything with sensitivity and efficiency and are an absolute pleasure to work with. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Rod Julian John Julian by Rod Julian

John Julian: The pioneering farmer of the Macleay River, his ancestors and his descendants. 1678 to 1978

What can I say about the team at IndieMosh? The beginning was one of anticipation, then at each stage of the process there was encouragement, alternatives offered, and all with a light-hearted approach.

With self-publishing, there can be one of two results: embarrassment or pride. IndieMosh makes pride so much more likely.