Maria Augustus-Dunn

Travel - Senior, Parks &Campgrounds, Australia; Memoir


Maria Augustus-Dunn grew up in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, surrounded by her Big Fat Greek-Australian family. After marrying a frontline soldier, her life took off in a different direction which was well away from Melbourne. After many military postings within Australia and overseas, Maria and her husband Brad retired at the age of 50 for a life of full-time travelling. They have now been of no fixed address for nine years and have no plans to stop. “Australia is our backyard and we don’t have to mow it” is their motto to life these days. Maria now spends her time doing author talks, writing, doing things outside her comfort zone and discovering new places. She adores the Australian outback and likes nothing better than being in the middle of nowhere and gazing up at the night sky.

Maria's previous book Married Quarter – Boots, Berets and Bloody Uniforms is a book about her 21 years as a military spouse; a first-hand look at what life is like for spouses of soldiers. This is not a soldier’s tale; this is a partner’s story. Married Quarter finishes with Maria and Brad retiring in 2011 and moving onto the road permanently to travel Australia in they're caravan and this is where Dunnarunna picks up the story. This book is also available from your favourite online retailer and all good bookshops.



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Dunnarunna: A Retirement Dunn Right

Dunnarunna: A Retirement Dunn Right

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'Dunnarunna: A Retirement Dunn Right' is a true story about what it is like to retire at the age of 50 for the life of a permanent traveller. After selling up and giving away all their worldly possessions, 'Dunnarunna' follows the travels of Maria and her hubby around Australia during their first five years of life on the road.