Noel Jeffs SSF

Religion, Spirituality, Sexuality


Noel Jeffs SSF is an Anglican Friar originally from Gippsland, Australia. He is a sometimes student of Kate Lilley and others for a Master of Creative Writing at Sydney University. He is a disabled person living alone who enjoys conversations and silence and writing.

Noel has a master’s degree in Mental Health and has trained as a psychotherapist.

His poetry print publication Under the Dome is still available from Garden Lounge in Newton, Sydney. He has been published in Burrows twice and is currently part of two anthologies, David Reuters’ Outer Space/Inner Minds and Antologie Romana Australiana, a cross-cultural work of dialogue and discourse between his Sydney workshop and the ‘Palatul Culturii Bistrita-Romania’ where he was translated into Romanian.

He is currently also working on the manuscript of his thesis poems Walking in Stealth in preparation for release as a print publication, now that he has made this manuscript, Maturing in the Religious Life, available to a wider audience.



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Maturing in the Religious Life

Maturing in the Religious Life

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Maturing in the Religious Life takes us into a new world of psychoanalytic study, group analysis and the search for a living God. Spirituality and sexuality appear in a unity of life with philosophical and psychological amplification.