Exciting News: IndieMosh Joins the Tellwell Family!

We are thrilled to announce that IndieMosh is starting a new chapter! Tellwell Publishing, renowned for its quality, care, and comprehensive writing, editing, publishing, design, illustrations, marketing and book-distribution services, has acquired IndieMosh’s publishing operations in Australia effective November 2023. As we embrace this change, IndieMosh will now operate as an imprint of Tellwell Publishing, combining the personalised care you’ve known with even broader services and team.

Here’s the lowdown on what this means for you:

  1. More options for IndieMosh authors! As an imprint of Tellwell, IndieMosh now offers you an expanded suite of services, including book coaching, editing, illustrations, marketing and audiobook production. 
  2. Seamless Continuity: Worry not – if you’ve already published with us, your books will still be proudly displayed under the MoshPit Publishing imprint and remain on all current platforms, including Ingram, Amazon and Smashwords (now Draft2Digital). Going forward, you now have the choice to boost your earnings with an upgrade from 85% to 100% net royalties, and you can also opt for direct distribution to engage directly with distributors. Tellwell can handle print orders and manage a quarterly royalty system with monthly sales reports. 
  3. Meet Your Guides: Publishing consultants Melissa Barker and Josephine Cataluna are here for you! Their expertise is your resource for navigating this transition and all future publishing projects. To get to know them a little more, check out these blog articles with an interview with Melissa and an interview with Josephine
  4. Continuing the Legacy: As IndieMosh’s founding visionary, Jennifer Mosher prepares to step away, we celebrate her vision that has fostered so many literary dreams. Her legacy of support and empowerment will continue to thrive through the continuation of the IndieMosh imprint. IndieMosh will continue to make donations to Room to Read Australasia with every new IndieMosh book. Read more about Jennifer’s decision in the blog article Q&A with IndieMosh Founder: Embracing a New Era with Tellwell.

Below you will find a series of FAQs to answer your questions in more detail. As we embark on this journey together, we remain committed to honoring IndieMosh’s ethos of author-centric publishing, while embracing Tellwell’s expansive capabilities. Check out the video below with a message from IndieMosh founder Jenny Mosher and a quick “hello” from some of the newly expanded IndieMosh team.

Thank you for your trust, your stories, and your partnership. Here’s to our collective next chapters, and to even greater storytelling adventures ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What does this transition mean for upcoming book projects?

A: We’re excited about your next book! As IndieMosh becomes part of the larger Tellwell family, we encourage you to continue your authorship journey with us, taking advantage of expanded services and expertise. You can still publish under the MoshPit Publishing imprint, or under Tellwell—you even have the option to publish under your own imprint! To learn more, submit the contact form on the IndieMosh website.

Q: Can I access additional services now that IndieMosh is with Tellwell?

A: Absolutely! You now have access to Tellwell’s comprehensive suite of services, including professional editing, illustrations, targeted marketing campaigns, audiobook production and more. If you are stuck with marketing, we always start with a book-marketing consultation and strategy. To learn more, submit the contact form on the IndieMosh or website.

Q: How do I order copies of my book?

A: It’s easy! Just email us at IndieMosh or Tellwell, submit a form on our website, or call us, and we’ll get your books on the way. 

Q: What changes can authors expect in royalty management now that IndieMosh is part of Tellwell?

A: Royalties from IndieMosh book sales from December 2023 onward will be managed by Tellwell using our royalty management system. Your royalties will continue unchanged at the same rate of 85%. Royalties are issued quarterly with Tellwell, with payments made 45 days after each quarter’s end, reflecting the sales from that period. Authors receive monthly sales reports for transparency. 

Tellwell does not charge any annual distribution fees – a welcome change!

Unlike past IndieMosh practice, Tellwell issues royalties based on the author’s sales, not just on cash receipts from distributors, which sometimes pays authors even before collecting from distribution channels. Because of this advance-payment approach, a $100 minimum threshold for royalty payouts is in place, though any accrued royalties below the threshold will be paid out if a book is taken out of distribution. For detailed information on Tellwell’s royalty management system, please refer to our help article, “When and how will I receive my royalty payments?” 

Authors wishing to bypass the $100 royalty threshold can opt for self-managed direct distribution. This requires securing distribution files, setting up numerous distribution accounts, completing tax treaty exemption paperwork for each sales channel and providing banking details to distributors—tasks that are complex and may incur some costs. It’s not recommended for most authors, but the option is there. To express your desire to opt out of Tellwell’s Managed Distribution service for more direct control, submit the opt-out request form. Unfortunately, attempting to completely change Tellwell’s royalty management processes to be the same as IndieMosh’s wasn’t possible. 

Q: Who can I contact for more information or if I have concerns?

A: Email support@indiemosh.com.au with any questions or concerns about the transition of IndieMosh to Tellwell. If you have a new project or require additional assistance, such as help with marketing or an audiobook version, you can reach Melissa and Josephine using the contact form on the IndieMosh website. For print orders you can reach us at support@indiemosh.com.au.

Q: Who is Tellwell? Are they an Australian company?

A: Tellwell was founded in 2015 by Tim Lindsay in Canada, with an Australian subsidiary. Since 2018 we’ve been collaborating with Australian authors, having worked on over 500 books by Australian writers and more than 4000 titles internationally. Our Australian team members fill roles from editing to sales and marketing, and are integral to our international operations. While Tellwell is larger than IndieMosh, we are still small enough that everyone on the team knows each other’s name. Tellwell is family-owned and maintains a close-knit company culture. We’ve been honoured as a finalist in the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Awards for Ethics in Business for two consecutive years, highlighting our commitment to transparent and ethical business practices. We place a high value on customer service and team cohesion, and we’re always eager to hear suggestions for improvement. You can read testimonials from Australian Tellwell authors here.