Barbara Petrie

Fiction, Adventure, New Zealand, Visionary and Metaphysical


Barbara Petrie is a poet, novelist and editor, b New Zealand she began her career as a journalist, was published in Landfall, and later turned to entrepreneurial publishing. She has worked as a publisher’s editor, teacher, and theatrical writer/performer. In Australia her poetry has been published in literary journals; she is the author of two books of poetry, Farrow Night (Island Press) and Priscilla Scales & Other Cautionary Tales [for children] (Butterfly Books). She edited William Hart-Smith: Hand to Hand: A Garnering (Butterfly Books) and five regional/national /international poetry anthologies including Kiwi & Emu, An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry by Australian and New Zealand Women (Butterfly Books) copies of which were gifted by the Australian Government to New Zealand for its sesquicentenary. Education: Rangiora High School; Bachelor of Music Degree (UWS); Te Ata Hou: Te Puna Wanaka.

The Eel of Te Raki follows a novel, The Seer’s Wolf (Bridgidada Press, 2015). She was poetry judge for the Heritage Awards, New Zealand, in 2016.
She sometimes writes songs and sings with a brotherly duo.



Books by Barbara Petrie

The Eel of Te Raki

The Eel of Te Raki

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Written in parallel storylines, The Eel of Te Raki makes great use of contrast and movement: contemporary vs. historical; warfare vs. communing with the gods; travel vs. mystical stillness; and difference vs. similarity, across generations as it tells the story of Kaiapohia Pa (a fortified village) in New Zealand’s South Island.

Ultimately, The Eel of Te Raki is a story of human ingenuity, acceptance, transformation and wonderment which commemorates the power of history that is remembered in the land.