Our Parkour Press Platinum Full Service package is designed for those who prefer to keep everything in one spot, with one service provider. Based on our Blue Combo Print and Ebook package, it also covers a manuscript assessment, editing and proofreading, a marketing component, and release as a Parkour Press publication, so that you know you’re delivering the best book possible.

Our Parkour Press Platinum package is very similar to traditional publishing with one exception: you take the financial risk, so if the book takes off, you reap the financial reward.

Please note that even if you have the money for our Parkour Press Platinum package, we don’t guarantee that we’ll publish it under our Parkour Press imprint. If we feel the book is unlikely to make its money back, for whatever reason, or if we don’t feel that it will reflect the standards we wish to reflect with our Parkour Press imprint, then we’ll discuss your options with you.

Please also note that we can’t guarantee that you will recover your investment, either. We will only publish books under the Parkour Press imprint if we think they have a decent chance of recovering their investment, or if you’re not concerned about recovering your investment. But unfortunately we don’t have a magic wand, and even the best publishing companies passed on Harry Potter – while optioning other titles which will would have lost them money.

How does it work?

Once you’re happy that your manuscript is the best it can be, get in touch with us to find out how to deliver it to us.

We begin by securing a manuscript assessment, based on your manuscript and any information you supply in response to our initial discussions. The manuscript assessment will help us all see what sort of issues we might be facing. It could be that the assessor has ideas about how you can improve things prior to editing so that you save time and money on the edit. Alternatively, the assessor may come back with issues which we feel will make the book unsuitable for our Parkour Press imprint. If this happens, we’ll discuss your options with you.

We will require a minimum $2,000 deposit to cover the initial costs involved with the manuscript assessment. (If your manuscript is in excess of 100,000 words, your deposit will be increased accordingly.)

Once the assessment has been returned to us, we’ll let you know whether you should do some more work on it or if it’s time to move onto editing. If any post-assessment work is required, we’ll work with you until that’s done and we have an updated manuscript.

When you’re ready for the next stage, we’ll send you a quote for the editing. Once this has been agreed to and a 50% deposit paid, we’ll organise for the file to be edited. This might take a few weeks to a couple of months, depending on the type of book you’ve written, the best editor for the job, and how busy they are.

The editor may communicate with us and/or you during the course of the edit, or they may just do the whole job and return it at once.

Once the editor indicates that the edit has been finished, we’ll ask you to settle the editing invoice and once that’s done we’ll send you the edited manuscript. We’ll review the editor’s suggestions at the same time as you and you’ll get the chance to accept or reject the editor’s suggestions and to discuss anything which doesn’t work for you.

There may be several rounds of editing depending on how well the initial book was written, how changes were taken up following the manuscript assessment etc.

Once you’ve finalised your manuscript, we’ll then send you a publishing quote which will cover:

  • formatting and layout for print
  • premium cover design (usually an optional extra starting at $295) and creation of the accompanying ebooks and covers
  • proofreading once the book has been laid out for print and the cover designed
  • take up of the proofreading changes and a second check to ensure that all changes have been absorbed correctly
  • assignment of a Parkour Press ISBN
  • a printed proof for you to check (from Ingram’s Lightning Source)
  • a printed proof for us to check (please note this won’t be read word-for-word, but will be closely perused for anything missed)
  • creation of an Amazon KDP Print version (where applicable)
  • publication/release of all print and ebook versions via our standard channels (i.e. Ingram’s Lightning Source, Amazon’s KDP and Smashwords) where applicable
  • fifty included print copies (plus the opportunity to order additional at wholesale rates)
  • legal deposit
  • author’s promotional postcards x 250 (usually an optional extra)
  • online promotional pack (usually an optional extra)
  • marketing consultation to help you explore ways to market your book

Once you’re happy with our publishing quote, pay it in full or pay a 50% deposit, and we’ll go to work. (Please note: the 50% deposit option is only available for our in-house publishing processes – it doesn’t cover manuscript assessment, editing or proofreading. And the balance of the payment will be required just before we order your printed proof.)

From here on in, the process follows our Blue Combo Print and Ebook package, with the addition of proofreading after the book has been laid out to print, a marketing component which we’ll tailor to you and your book’s needs, and publication of the book under our Parkour Press imprint.

As per our Blue Combo Print and Ebook package, we will keep you informed of steps along the way until you’re finally a published author!

What does it cost?

The base price for our Platinum Full Service package is $14,995 including GST. This is based on a book with a word count of 30,000 words.

Until we see your manuscript, we won’t be able to quote more accurately, but chances are the final cost will be closer to $20,000, or potentially more, depending on the type of book you’ve written, the word count and the complexity of the project. In traditional publishing, $20,000 is quite a low budget for publishing a book.


First the good news!

  • If you’ve published via our Parkour Press Platinum Full Service package before, we will take off $500 as an IndieMosh loyalty discount.


The sorts of items which will increase the cost of the package include the following:

  • A word count in excess of 30,000 will increase the editing and proofreading components of the package.
  • Additional chapters, short stories or poems in excess of 35 where each starts on their own page and/or has their own heading.
  • More than one section e.g. ‘Book 1’, ‘Book 2’ etc
  • Tailored headers or footers per additional sections (not counting the initial section e.g. not counting ‘Book 1’)
  • Footnotes or endnotes
  • Image/Table/Plate/Figure insertions (not including cost of images if we are required to purchase them and does not cover enhancements using Photoshop or other formatting)
  • Captions for images, tables, plates, figures etc
  • Bullet point lists
  • Numbered lists
  • Instances of italics, other than in headings
  • Table formatting
  • Additional tables of contents for images, tables, plates, figures etc
  • Indexing

Optional Extras:

  • Colour internals – $150
  • Hardback option – $150

Find out more about our Optional Extras here