Please feel free to decide on your Publishing Package first, and then contact us about adding any of these extras.

The good news is, you don’t have to be an IndieMosh author to purchase any of our optional extras. So if your book needs just that extra bit of attention to help make it the best it can be or to help it really stand out from the crowd, we’re happy to help you, too!

Manuscript appraisal

If you’ve never written a book before, and particularly if you are hoping to sell enough copies to recover your publishing investment, then it’s a smart move to start by obtaining a manuscript appraisal (also sometimes referred to as a manuscript assessment). This feedback will help you understand what’s working in your book, and what’s not. If our trained editors can’t understand the point of your book, or can’t follow the plot, or can’t understand why your characters behave in a certain way, then the ‘ordinary reader’ probably won’t, either.

Your manuscript will be read in its entirety and feedback will be given on anything and everything the editor sees or feels will help you develop a better book. Please note that all appraisals are obligation-free, so you will be free to decide whether or not to proceed with publishing after receiving your manuscript appraisal.

wdt_ID Word count range Pricing
2 20,000 words or less $695
3 20-50,000 words $845
4 50-80,000 words $995
5 80-120,000 words $1,095
6 120-170,000 words $1,195
7 170,000+ words POA

Editing services

Once you’ve had your manuscript assessed and made it the best it can be, it’s time to think about having it edited. We organise that for you through our network of qualified editors. We will need to quote you after seeing your manuscript, but as a guideline, budget along these lines for a standard novel:

Structural editing – allow 7.5 cents per word

A structural edit (also sometimes referred to as a developmental edit) will help highlight issues where the plot or logical flow of the book isn’t working, where the characters need further development or don’t behave logically, where the pace of the book isn’t working probably, where dialogue could be improved, where the author perhaps uses certain phrases repeatedly – all sorts of things that the average reader will potentially notice and be annoyed by! The editor won’t re-write your book, but will provide examples of ways to improve things they’ve noticed so that you can work out what to do and where.

The structural edit has two rounds. You’ll be required to pay a 60% deposit to get secure the first round of editing. The file will then be returned to you to accept or reject the editor’s corrections, re-write as required and answer any queries they have for you. You’ll then be required to return your feedback and pay the balance of the invoice so that the editor can schedule in the second round of reading/editing, prior to returning it to you.

Copy editing – allow 6 cents per word

A copy edit is a bit like a heavy proofread, only it’s done before the book is laid out for print (or for making into an ebook), not after. A copy edit will look at spelling, punctuation, grammar and consistency e.g. noting that the lead character has blue eyes in chapter three and that they’re suddenly brown in chapter thirty-two! It will also look at paragraph and sentence structure, styling of dialogue and other communications (e.g. text messages) in the book, along with errors in word usage and anything else that might catch the editor’s eye!

The copy edit has two rounds. You’ll be required to pay a 60% deposit to get secure the first round of editing. The file will then be returned to you to accept or reject the editor’s corrections and answer any queries they have for you. You’ll then be required to return your feedback and pay the balance of the invoice so that the editor can schedule in the second round of reading/editing, prior to returning it to you.

Structural edit PLUS – allow 12 cents per word

To keep things ticking over, we can offer a combined structural edit (two rounds) with one round of copy editing to tidy up the final bits and bobs. This option involves three rounds of editing:

  • In the first round ,the editor will read through your manuscript and make structural notes and suggestions and recommended edits.  You will also be given a formal document outlining all the structural elements (pace, tone, voice, dialogue, characterisation etc), suggestions of where revisions could be made, and how you might tackle these suggestions. You will use this detailed document to make suggested big changes.
  • After you’ve reviewed and worked with the first round of editing, the editor will look at your ‘new’ manuscript elements, this time focusing more on things such as inadvertent typos, punctuation errors, misspellings, page formatting, sentence structure, paragraph arrangement, and clarity – while maintaining your unique voice. The editor will also finalise the structural issues during this read.
  • After you’ve reviewed and worked with the second round of editing, the editor will then do one final read where they will address your edits and finalise any other edits. They’ll then do a close read to pick up any missed/necessary mechanical copy edits and help you make it the best that it can be prior to submitting it for publishing.
Copy edit PLUS – allow 7.5 cents per word

For those on a tight budget, we can provide a copy edit service where structural changes are also suggested during the first round of editing. The onus would be on you, the author, to make these changes if you choose to. You’ll be required to pay a 75% deposit to get secure the first round of editing with structural feedback. The file will then be returned to you to re-write where required, accept or reject the editor’s suggestions and corrections and answer any queries they have for you. You’ll then be required to return your feedback and pay the balance of the invoice so that the editor can schedule in the second round of copy editing, prior to returning it to you.

This should only be used in the instance where it you require a copy edit with the benefit of a few additional comments on the structure. Please note that if major structural changes are made it could affect the relevance of some of the copy-editing mark-ups.

Proofreading – allow 2.5 cents per word

If you’ve had a copy edit at least, then it’s worth having a proofread once the book has been laid out ready to print. Proofreading is not designed to help you with your writing or manuscript development. At this stage, the editor is looking for the little things – spelling, punctuation and grammar which have either been missed previously (all editors are human, and they all do miss things!), or which may have been introduced during the layout/formatting process.

The proofreader will also look at page numbering, page headers, tables of contents etc., to make sure that the layout doesn’t have any errors. They’ll check captions on photos, numbering of items in lists – all sorts of random things.

Anything the proofreader finds will then need to be changed prior to the book being sent off for an actual printed proof for the author to check. (Please note that if you have not had a copy edit at the minimum, then you may have to pay extra if the proofreader finds a significant number of issues with spelling, grammar and punctuation as we would not be expecting to be making a significant number of changes in that respect at this stage of the process.)

Please contact us here to organise first steps for your manuscript assessment or other editing requirements.

Colour internals – $150

If you wish to have colour included anywhere in the print version of your book (not counting the cover), then for print on demand purposes it counts as being a colour book. All pages are printed on one printer at a time, so the choice is a black and white printer, or a colour printer. Naturally, colour printing costs more than black and white, so your included package copies and our legal deposit copies will cost more than if you just had a black and white book, so this fee covers us for that.

Hardback option – $150

Your hardback options are:

  • case laminate, where the cover is printed on laminated paper and then glued to the hardback boards. This option does not have a dust jacket
  • case laminate in a matte finish representative of a blue or grey cloth, with the title and author’s name stamped on the spine
  • representative cloth hardback as per No. 2, plus full colour dust jacket

Premium cover design – from $295

Our Premium cover design (which is in addition to our print combo or print only packages) includes up to six images and delivers a more detailed cover than the standard cover included in your package.

Premium cover design is great if you need Photoshop work or several images layered over one another and to achieve something more intricate or intriguing.

Examples of a standard cover (included with the package):

Examples of a premium cover:


Author's Promotional Postcard example: Gareth Wilding-ForbesAuthor’s promotional postcards – $295

Why not order 250 laminated front postcards of your book or ebook cover?

With full colour matte backs with stamp and address space and room to write, these are a great marketing tool to send around the world. Recipients can pin them to their fridge, use them as bookmarks, or pass them onto a friend who may be interested in your book! Better than a business card, because they’re harder to lose!

Postcard backs are printed in colour with a faded image or logo behind the writing space to reinforce your book’s branding and can include details such as a release announcement, your website, etc.

Online promotional pack – $195

We take your book cover and create a branded series of images that you can use in your social media and online efforts. Use your images on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your website, email, and more.

Our online promotion pack includes the following images:

  • Facebook Timeline cover image
  • Square image for Instagram, Facebook profile, etc with optional tagline/text of your choice
  • Rectangular image for blogs, Facebook, etc containing a quote, tagline, or text of your choice
  • 3D image of your book with white and transparent background (the angle will depend on the size and spine width of your book)
  • Your cover in three web-friendly sizes for use on book listing websites and general social sharing

If you need additional marketing assistance, please check our Experts listings for people who will can build you a website, create a book trailer, build you a Facebook business page as an author, help you navigate social media and more.