Self publishing service for Australian authors

We guide Aussie authors through the self publishing process

Our principal mission is to help Australian authors take advantage of modern technology to publish their books in print on demand and ebook formats and make them available to a worldwide audience.

Some authors are happy to work it out themselves, but we’re here to help those who’d prefer to focus on their writing and leave the ‘one-off’ stuff to someone else. We’ve been doing this for more than a decade now, so we’re getting a bit of a feel for what’s required! 😉

Scroll down to get an idea of how we might be able to help you bring your book to life.

***Please note: as we join forces with Tellwell Australia, our services will be expanding considerably to include everything from editing to marketing. Until this page is updated, please contact us for a customized proposal based on your needs.***


IndieMosh publishing packages

Want to get your book out and selling quickly? Our packages have been designed for you. Choose from our:

Pre-Publication Planning Session

If you’ve written your book, or you’ve written some of it, or a lot of it, but you’re not sure how to proceed, then perhaps a personalised pre-publication planning session might be what you need. We’ll ask you a bunch of questions, plus ask to have a look at what you’ve written so far, then we’ll organise a time to chat with you about things to consider before you get in too deep.

Red Print Only package

Sometimes a book isn’t worth publishing as an ebook. For instance, you may have written a book which includes lots of photos, charts or diagrams, for instance, and you know that it’s the sort of book which people will want as a print edition. Or you’ve created a book which has so much technical formatting that it’s just not going to translate well as an ebook. That’s okay – we can publish a print-only version of your book and leave out the ebook option.

Parkour Press Platinum Full Service package

If you’re looking for self publishing with a traditional publishing feel, then our Parkour Press Platinum Full Service package is for you!

Our Parkour Press Platinum Full Service package is designed for those who prefer to keep everything in one spot, with one service provider. Based on our Blue Combo Print and Ebook package, it also covers a manuscript assessment, editing, proofreading, premium cover design and marketing, so that you know you’re delivering the best book possible.

Coral Ebook Only package

If you wish to publish your book as an ebook, then we can take your completed manuscript and format it for Kindle, iPad and Android, create a cover for it and distribute it worldwide via Amazon and Smashwords. This package is particularly suitable for novelists and authors of text-heavy books, as well as those wishing to build an author platform with solid readership prior to adding print versions later.

Blue Combo Print and ebook package

If you wish to publish your book as both a print on demand book and ebook, then we can take your completed manuscript and format it for both, create covers for both and supply you with a printed proof for your approval prior to publishing your book. This option is best for novelists, historians, business people and entrepreneurs where the main focus is on the text, rather than illustrations, although graphics can be included.

Optional extras

If your book needs just that extra bit of marketing attention, purchase any of our optional extras to help it really stand out from the crowd.

Please feel free to decide on your Publishing Package first, and then contact us about adding any of these extras.

The good news is, you don’t have to be an IndieMosh author to purchase our cover design, postcard or online promo pack services. We are happy to help anyone who is self-publishing.

Our packages include:

  • All formatting, layout and standard cover design. (Premium cover design is an optional extra.)
  • For print copies, one printed proof and 10 final copies.
  • MoshPit Publishing ISBNs for each separate version (unless you wish to provide your own ISBNs and publishing imprint).
  • Legal deposit as required for the state of New South Wales (unless you wish to provide your own ISBNs and publishing imprint, in which case legal deposit will be your obligation).
  • For print on demand titles, 10 year’s worth of worldwide distribution to online and ‘bricks and mortar’ retailers. After ten years, you will be given the option of paying a small annual fee to maintain distribution via Ingram or opting out of Ingram distribution. This will give you ten years’ worth of data to analyse to see if it’s worth continuing with Ingram distribution or not. Even if you discontinue, you will still be able to buy copies from us at wholesale rates to sell via your own website, face-to-face or to local bookstores.
  • An IndieMosh author page with links to where your book can be purchased.
  • Access to your IndieMosh author page so that you can update your author profile and links to your website and social media accounts at any time.
  • Monthly uploads of royalty data so that you can analyse your sales and obtain information for your tax accountant if required.
  • Loyalty discounts for returning authors.
  • Royalties paid at a minimum* of 85% of net funds received in our bank account after retailer commissions, foreign exchange commissions, US Withholding tax, foreign and Australian bank charges, and Australian GST.

* Authors earning aggregated net royalties in excess of AUD$1,000 in any one month will receive an adjustment so that for that month only they effectively receive:
–  Between $1,000 and $4,999.99 – royalty rate increased to 90%
–  Between $5,000 and $9,999.99 – royalty rate increased to 92.5%
–  $10,000 or more – royalty rate increased to 95%

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