IndieMosh audiobooks

If you publish with IndieMosh, then we’ll be helping you take advantage of 21st century publishing options such as print on demand and ebook. But there’s one more format which might be suitable for your book, and that’s an audiobook.

The benefit of audiobooks is that they can be listened to those who are commuting or exercising as well as those who are sight-impaired or have difficulty reading, so there can be great value in releasing an audio version of your book.

However, it’s not an exercise to be taken lightly. There are specs to meet and recording it yourself on your phone just won’t cut it – sorry!

The easiest and most economical way to release an audiobook is find your own narrator, get them to make the recordings, supply us with those recordings and for a small fee we’ll:

  • create an audiobook cover based on your book cover (unless you used your own cover designer)
  • assign an ISBN to your audiobook
  • upload and distribute your audiobook via Findaway Voices so that it’s available on Amazon, Apple and other ebook retailers worldwide
  • add a listing for your audiobook to your IndieMosh author page
  • collect your royalties and report on them in the same way we do for books, ebooks and regular audio i.e. monthly, and paying you 85% of net funds received ex-GST.

If you have the finances, then we strongly recommend that you invest in a professional narrator – someone who is able to meet the specs required by Amazon, Apple and other audiobook retailers. Here are a couple of sites you might like to try:

You’ll need to ensure that your narrator meets the specs here: and here:

The Authors Republic page also has further information for self narration if you did have the equipment and capability of doing it yourself:   However, if we take those files, upload them and they get rejected, you will have to re-record them and you may owe us additional funds to cover our time for re-uploading etc.

Before you engage anyone to record your audiobook, we strongly suggest that you listen to a few in the same genre as the book you’ve written, so that you get a feel for how they’re presented, and how they should sound.

And if you’d like to proceed with releasing an audiobook, then we’d love to help you do that! While engaging a narrator and post-production is expensive, the number of quality audiobooks on the market is a fraction of the number of ebooks available, and you can charge more for an audiobook than an ebook due to the value the listener is receiving. So your ability to get a return on your investment (with some marketing, of course!) is potentially higher than it is for your print and ebooks.

Our package price for cover file creation and distribution of an audiobook based on an IndieMosh book is $550, including GST, so please let us know during the publishing process – or even afterwards – if you’d like to go down the audiobook path and we’d love to walk it with you!

Dunnarunna by Maria Augustus-Dunn audiobook cover
Dunnarunna by Maria Augustus-Dunn audiobook