Ingeborg van Teeseling and Loretta Barnard

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Loretta Barnard is an author, arts writer, reviewer, editor, and project manager. Over 40 years, she worked in educational, academic, technical, legal and trade publishing, as editor, writer, researcher, manuscript assessor, picture researcher, proof-reader, commissioning editor and project manager. She’s been a contributing writer to a range of reference books; is a published poet; and has authored five non-fiction titles (including 2020’s Kindred Chords: Australian Musical Families). Loretta studied Australian history in her undergraduate degree, before completing her MA in English literature from UNSW. She’s currently a reviewer for the Music Trust Australia’s Loudmouth ezine, and a regular contributor on the arts to a number of online sites.

Dr Ingeborg van Teeseling is a journalist, historian, teacher and author. She taught interviewing, journalism and writing to journalists, bureaucrats, businesspeople and the general public in her native Holland. She migrated to Australia in 2006, after finishing a BA (Hons) in English Language and Literature. Her PhD at the University of Wollongong (on migrant writers in Australia) was awarded in 2011. She taught literature, history and all manner of other things at UOW, and worked as a research assistant. Her MA thesis in History was about working class writers in Australia in the 1950s. She runs, trying to help migrants come to terms with Australia. Her 2017 book Shack Life won that year’s National Trust Heritage Award. Ingeborg currently works for CHANGE, a publisher in The Netherlands, where she writes Dutch and English books for migrants and  activists.



Books by Ingeborg van Teeseling and Loretta Barnard

Imagining Australia

Imagining Australia

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Imagining Australia is a story of our nation, told by the artists who made it what it is today. Writers, painters, musicians, filmmakers: they hold up a mirror and tell us who we are.