Phillip Jephcott Coysh

Adventure, action, romance


With a passion for history, the author fills his settings with atmospheric descriptions and a strong story concept coupled with a distinctive voice to take us into this sweeping saga that lands you right in the heart of 17th century France.

A novel based on the author’s family history, Rochelle – Poacher of Versailles is the first book by Phillip Jephcott Coysh and, he says, the easiest thing he has ever done, as the story just seemed to flow straight out and onto the paper.



Books by Phillip Jephcott Coysh

Rochelle - Poacher of Versailles

Rochelle - Poacher of Versailles

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The essence of 17th Century France has a fresh outlook.

Rochelle - Poacher of Versailles was penned, based fictitiously on the Australian author's family history.

Weaving adventure and romance, Rochelle's newfound independence resulted in a strong-willed, decisive young woman.

Readers commented that this story reflects images similar to "Poldark" by Winston Graham, with the writing style of Alexandre Dumas.