Daniel D. Davidson

Fiction, Humour


His name happens to be Daniel.

He’s not that quick when it comes to grasping the meaning of things, but one day he did get that his name begins with a D.

Later on in time, he also realised that his middle name and surname began with a D as well.

In his youth, he dreamt of becoming a sopranist and insisted that his stage name would have been either “Triple D” or “D-Cube”.
It took a while, but they finally got him to understand that a) an opera singer is not a rapper and b) the sound emitted by a gorilla being neutered without anaesthesia was much more melodic than his singing.

Disregarding that codswallop, when it comes to where he was born, 'tropical' England happened to be the spot. He once even fathomed that England is not a country in the tropics, so he actually moved close to the equator. By now, having also spent the last 30 years or so wandering around the world, he calls himself an “International Brit”.

However, all in all he’s simply a twonk who – amongst many other idiotic ideas – decided to write a book titled Site Matters. A book that comes from his rocket science knowledge on how to instruct people to put a couple of nuts and bolts together.

At present he’s basically 50, looks as if he’s 75, and – more often than not – behaves as if he’s 25.

All things considered, the bloke’s not that bad. In fact, to quote the words of his friends, “he’s quite a decent ‘arsetard’ …”.



Books by Daniel D. Davidson

Site Matters: Tales of ordinary madness from an installation site Down Under

Site Matters: Tales of ordinary madness from an installation site Down Under

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What do Ken (a poised and witty Pom), Don (a foul-mouthed and fiercely Aussie bloke), and Razz (an apparent nut who talks, thinks and acts like a lunatic) have in common? Do yourself a favour and find that out while Down Under they drive you through the maddest and oddest working site on earth. Brace for when it will have you rolling on the floor.