V. Parker Kennedy

Fiction, Women, Friendship, Adventure, Romance


Born in Birmingham, England, Valerie emigrated to Australia at the age of eighteen and worked in the geological office of a large mine in north-west Queensland.

She married a local son and all four children were born in Brisbane, but after a few years, the family moved to Tasmania. She worked all her life as a shorthand writer, never losing her enthusiasm and many varied uses for its use both in her work and in private situations.

Valerie now lives on the island state of Tasmania, acknowledging that the best part of every day is walking into her library and switching on the computer. She takes the phone off the hook and only take calls when she has ceased writing for the day. Living alone, she consequently ensures that the joy of writing forms part of each day and believes it is now indubitably bordering on an obsession.

Previous publications:
One Corner of an Ancient Land - an Anthology - published in 2017

The Shortness of Time - a Novella - published in 2018 (under the name Val Kennedy)



Books by V. Parker Kennedy

Century of Conflict

Century of Conflict

Amazon Angus & Robertson Booktopia Dymocks Kindle Smashwords

These are stories of men and women who lived, fought or died in areas of conflict during the 20th Century: missionaries in China, factory workers and suffragettes, soldiers, lovers, terrorists, environmentalists and more.

The Shorthand Writer

The Shorthand Writer

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Eighteen-year-old Jane Frobisher, shorthand writer, emigrates from England to Australia in 1957, settling in a mining town in outback Queensland. Chronicling both her family and working life, it is a Russian émigré, an Aboriginal woman and a bi-racial man who were to define her interesting if not challenging life.