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J-L Heylen

J-L Heylen

genres: sci-fi, steampunk, lesbian fiction

J-L Heylen is a quirky antipodean who writes speculative fiction, science fiction and Steampunk with a smattering of gender politics and left-leaning ideals. She lives in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, with her wife and dogs.

Note I mentioned the wife before the dogs, there. I hope dog-lovers will understand why I did that.

Having now published her first in a new series of books in the Steampunk genre, with gender-blending hero Phyllida Thorn, and her companion, Mrs Hilary Templestowe, J-L is half way through Part Two of 'The Deception Engine'. Look out for The Deception Engine - Part Two on Amazon later in 2013.

Catch up with other writing exploits via J-L's blog - or through Facebook
You can also watch J-L Heylen's video presentation on eBook and self-publishing on YouTube.

Books by J-L Heylen

Enmeshed (The Wisdom Series)

Enmeshed (The Wisdom Series) Kindle
Deus Ex Machina Publicum

Deus Ex Machina Publicum Kindle
The Deception Engine (Part Two)

The Deception Engine (Part Two) Kindle
The Deception Engine (Part One)

The Deception Engine (Part One) Kindle
Bride of the City

Bride of the City Kindle
The Ties that Bind (The Wisdom Series)

The Ties that Bind (The Wisdom Series) Kindle
Wisdom Beyond Her Years (The Wisdom Series)

Wisdom Beyond Her Years (The Wisdom Series) The MoshShop
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