If you’re applying for a Pre-Publication Planning Session, we’ll need some information from you first so that we can consider your plans while we review your manuscript.

Once you answer the questions below and submit them, you’ll be taken to a page where you can book an appointment in our calendar.

We’ll then send you an email confirming the appointment and providing an email address for you to send your manuscript to. (This email will be sent manually during working hours.)

We’ll also send you an invoice (don’t forget to add your discount code below if you have one!) which you’ll need to settle at least seven days (five working days) ahead of your appointment, otherwise we’ll have to cancel your appointment. (Sorry – but we can’t commit to spending time reviewing your information and manuscript if you haven’t committed to the process, too.)

So if you’re up for it, here’s the info we’re going to need! (If you don’t have an answer to a question yet, that’s okay – just type ‘TBD’ for ‘To Be Decided’.)

(We only need this so we can call you for your session. We won't be using it for marketing purposes or sharing it with anyone else.)
Think of age, gender, education level, interests. Perhaps you’re writing a book which would appeal to a young boy aged 8-11 who isn’t very sporty and gets laughed at and needs skills to cope when that happens? Or perhaps you’re writing a marketing book to help female tradies get more work? Or perhaps you’re writing a fantasy romance to entertain gay men aged 18-30? Tell us what you know about your potential reader(s).
E.g. beta readers, family or friends, any editors or manuscript assessors? If so, what sort of feedback have you had?
5. Are you thinking of releasing this as an ebook, a print book or in both formats?