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Hannah Mowen

Hannah Mowen

genres: Juvenile fiction, childrens fantasy

Hannah Mowen is a remarkable young lady with an amazing memory and a wonderful and very vivid imagination.

Hannah has Asperger syndrome, which affects her social skills and coping mechanisms.

“Ozzy the Down Under Reindeer” is Hannah’s first book to be published and she has plans to turn “Ozzy” into a series where he visits extraordinary places in Australia and around the world.

Hannah loves all things Disney and her writing has a “magical” touch and feel to it that parallels what one experiences when visiting Disneyland.

Hannah lives in Sydney with her parents Shae and Max. She plays guitar and is a creative artist in transferring her thoughts and ideas onto ceramic plates and vases usually with an “Aussie” theme.
Horses in particular are a pet love of Hannah so she rides every weekend and 18 months ago completed her 2nd Dan black belt grading in Tae Kwan Do.

Animals are a big part of Hannah’s life as she works three days a week at a local boarding cattery.
Hannah is a wonderful Auntie and adores her two nieces Anastasia and Aurora with whom she has a special relationship.

To see what Hannah has achieved in her short life and now to read her stories is a wonderful testament to what can be achieved given half a chance.

We hope that Hannah’s life story and her magical stories and illustrations are an inspiration to other families who are impacted by children with Asperger syndrome and that there is hope and some light at the end of at times what can appear to be a very dark long tunnel.

Hannah has a kind nature and would like to make a donation through the sale of “Ozzy” to support charities that provide food, accommodation and medication to the starving children in Africa.

Her two cousins Justine and Jordan Mowen are also attempting to qualify for the 2016 Rio Olympics and the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in beach volleyball and as the girls do not receive any financial backing from the governing body Hannah would also like to help them realise their dream of representing Australia.

Books by Hannah Mowen

Ozzy the Down Under Reindeer: Christmas in the Bush

Ozzy the Down Under Reindeer: Christmas in the Bush

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Ozzy the Down Under Reindeer: Christmas in the Bush

Ozzy the Down Under Reindeer: Christmas in the Bush

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