John Gardicotis

poetry, sport, superheroes


My name is John Gardicotis. I'm 21 years old. I live in western Sydney with my mum and dad.

I write poems and short stories whenever inspiration strikes. Whether it's during the day or the middle of the night. I've been writing short stories since I was a kid and over the past year I've turned my attention towards writing poetry.

My book 'Poetry to the MAX' is a collection of poems featuring popular comic book superheroes. My book also features various sporting teams that I follow such as Greece and the Socceroos. There are also poems about some of my favourite anime shows and movies.



Books by John Gardicotis

Poetry to the MAX

Poetry to the MAX

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'Poetry to the MAX' is not your average collection of poems! These poems are based on real-life events in sport, and pop culture icons such as superheroes.