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Evelynn Crowe is the creator behind all of the original stories of Laughing Crow Studios. Laughing Crow Studios is a small, privately held business situated north of Sydney, Australia. Previously published for the worldwide electronics design industry, Evelynn decided to take up a lifelong interest of writing original, classic-style stories adapted for modern audiences and technology. Evelynn is a mother of two boys. She's dedicated to the idea of helping children and young people become better adults through sharing the simple, influential experiences that stay with us our whole lives. She believes it's important for kids to be able to be kids, and for grown-ups to remember what it was like to be a young. She's really into frogs and birds and thinks they're very cool. Some of the charities Evelynn supports include those that promote conservation and environmental awareness, promote animal welfare and help reduce youth homelessness and joblessness. The Friends of Frog Hollow is the debut story in a series of stories soon to be released. Currently under production is the next story with the working title The Adventure due out in 2016. More information on Evelynn Crowe, Laughing Crow Studios and upcoming releases can be found through the Laughing Crow Studios website and also on Facebook. Evelynn would love to hear from you. Please feel free to visit us online with your comments and feedback.



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The Friends of Frog Hollow

The Friends of Frog Hollow

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*** Double Silver Medal Winner 2016 Global Ebook Awards *** Fraidy is afraid to come out of his house. He feels that he has no friends except for Wah-Frog. So Wah-Frog decides to introduce Fraidy to all his other friends in Frog Hollow.