Robert Stevens

philosophy, nature


Rob Stevens is a Research Manager in the New South Wales Department of Education. He has a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in Philosophy from Adelaide University and a Doctorate in Philosophy from Macquarie University. He also has a Masters of Education from Sydney University. Most of Rob's career has been in policy and research positions in public sector education organisations. Rob has written extensively in Philosophy and Education.

Rob has had a lifelong interest in Biology and Philosophy. Eco Ethics is a synthesis of this.

Rob enjoys reading, walking, film and participating in Sydney's "cafe society". He initiated a long running non-fiction book club. He has long been part of the Lotus Buds (Buddhist) Sangha in Sydney. He lives with his wife, Tamara, and Zeno the cat in the inner west of Sydney.



Books by Robert Stevens

Eco Ethics

Eco Ethics

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Biology has much to tell us about how we should live. Modern Biology reveals that all living beings are organised for a purpose. All living beings are good for something - that is they are valuable. To say that a being is valuable is to say that we should do no harm to it without justification. The only justification for doing harm to a living being is that it is necessary to our own flourishing.