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Wayne Moloney

Wayne Moloney

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Wayne Moloney is a business strategist who lives in the Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia with his wife, Gela, and children.

With a passion for sales, marketing and business development, Wayne has enjoyed a career spanning 30 years and the continents of Australia, Asia and Europe, and has held leadership positions in these areas, as well as in the roles of General Manager and Managing Director.

Wayne's experience in managing and growing businesses is not constrained by industry. With a belief that business management and sales development are processes that transcend the specificity of a product and service, he has successfully applied his principles to businesses as diverse as construction, fluids handling, manufacturing, pollution control, software development, telecommunications, education and many more.

'Your Roadmap to Sales Management Success' is the first in Wayne Moloney's series of Business Roadmap guides to sales, marketing and small business management.

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Your Roadmap to Sales Management Success

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