Jane Quantrill

historical romance, time travel


Jane Quantrill, a mother of two, lives in Sydney, Australia. She has a Diploma in Comprehensive Writing. Jane is also a songwriter and once reached the national final of an Australian songwriting contest.

Jane resided, for several years, in the American States of Alabama and Washington. She is related to American Civil War Confederate guerrilla William Clarke Quantrill, who features as one of the leading characters in this novel.



Books by Jane Quantrill

Partners in Time

Partners in Time

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A young woman uses a time machine to take her back to 1861; the start of the American Civil War. There, she falls in love with a Confederate guerrilla leader.
Their adventures take her from ecstasy to heartbreak. Everything changes; when, through fate, she falls for a Union colonel.
When the War ends, she uses the time machine to change history; unaware of what this fateful decision will lead to.