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Gareth Wilding-Forbes

Gareth Wilding-Forbes

genres: fiction, action, adventure, romance

Gareth Wilding-Forbes was born into a theatrical family. Both his father and mother were well-known actors. After winning an entry scholarship to NIDA he spent over thirty years as an actor, broadcaster, television co-host, director and lecturer.

He currently lives in the Blue Mountains outside Sydney and enjoys overseas travel and catching up with friends like the real Ray in San Francisco, Nicola in Ireland and Harrods in London. He has two daughters, Danielle and Nicole, who are his greatest love.

Books by Gareth Wilding-Forbes

The Nature of Love

The Nature of Love

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Gareth Wilding-Forbes in the Media


Book review: Essence of Time

Gareth Wilding-Forbes in Discover Blue Mountains Magazine

Popular 2BLU-FM radio presenter Gareth Wilding-Forbes has recently released his first novel, Essence of Time. An actor, ... read more



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