Jessica Revill

Personal memoirs, Death, Grief, Mental Health


Dr Jessica Revill is an Australian psychologist in clinical practice. She began her professional life as a journalist and then studied psychology as a mature age student. She gained her masters degree from California State University, Los Angeles and her PhD in educational psychology from UCLA. She has a video podcast on mental health called Prisoner of the Mind with Dr Jessica Revill and has refocused her clinical orientation to suicide prevention since the loss of her son Gregory. She lives in western Sydney.

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Books by Jessica Revill

Find Him Among the Living

Find Him Among the Living

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Any mother would do what they can to take their child’s pain away. In the case of suicide, the mother keeps the pain and loses the child. On 5 July 2020, Jessica Revill took on her son’s agony and began learning to live as an “emotional amputee”.