Neera Lahiry

Fiction, Biographical, War, Historical, Women


Neera Lahiry (1959) is a poet, novelist, artist, as well as being the first female radiologist of Bangladesh and a medical researcher. Mother of three children – Neera considers her writings as her fourth child. Her works encompass war literature, especially liberation wars, history, genealogy, and sociopolitics of South Asia. The political DNA in writer Neera's genes is congruent with emancipatory explications, love dynamics, salvation and the stripping away of masks through her literature and art.

Neera’s first novel, Nipa, is a biographical novel about martyr Nipa Lahiry, the only female medical student committed to the cause of liberating her motherland as a freedom fighter for Bangladesh.



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'Nipa' is the inspirational story of a self-reliant and determined female freedom fighter. Nipa, a medical student, takes up arms to help fight the war of liberation for her country, Bangladesh, against the occupying forces of West Pakistan.