Tony Matchett

non-fiction, Australian history, World War One, genealogy, family history


A career in the public service did not provide any stimuli for writing a best seller (or a worst seller for that matter). The key to putting pen to paper, which shows how old school I am, before typing the text, was my retirement from administrative banalities and a subsequent introduction to stressless domesticity - oh, and a determination to find out more about my recent ancestors.

I am a late starter to the writing caper, but I have always maintained a keen interest in the English language from an early age when I used to read dictionaries (mmm ... get a life Tony!). History, geography, sociology, psychology and the arts have also been subjects of great fascination over the years, though I haven't only had bookish pursuits. Participation in many varied sports has helped to keep me relatively fit until the later years when I now tend to rant about the inadequacies of the wannabe football team I support - talk about loyalty!

I am not religious but have spiritual attractions to my loving wife and daughter - and to good wine. Also, the close relationships with my immediate and extended families have made it easy to obtain source material for Old World ... New World.

Researching and writing Old World ... New World, or any publication as many people will attest, was mentally stimulating and greatly rewarding. The potential for further books is just an idea away.



Books by Tony Matchett

Old World ... New World: From a picnic at La Perouse to the Western Front

Old World ... New World: From a picnic at La Perouse to the Western Front

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Australia was, is, and always will be a nation of immigrants. Old World … New World provides backgrounds to the author's grandparents’ formative years in northern and southern England and in Redfern, Sydney, their experiences during four years of world war, and their familial relationships and tragedies from the 1920s to Sara Ongley’s death in 1977.