FF Jensen

romance, contemporary, mental illness


FF Jensen is an Argentinian-born Australian writer. From a very early age, she developed a keen interest in creative writing, both in English and in Spanish. She's the proud mum of an adult daughter, and has always been a working mother.

She has a degree in ESL (English as a Second Language) and English studies from Instituto Nacional Superior del Profesorado 'Joaquín V. González' (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and is also a NAATI-certified English-Spanish translator (National Accreditation Authority For Translators And Interpreters Ltd, Australia).

FF Jensen also been an aikido student and became an aikido first dan with the American Aikido Federation. She is a keen pursuer of fitness-related activities and believes in mindfulness and meditation as a tool for self-development and believes that success is a journey, not a destination. It's not so much about 'getting there', but about enjoying each and every step of the way.



Books by FF Jensen

Bedroom Short Stories for Discerning Adults, Vol 1

Bedroom Short Stories for Discerning Adults, Vol 1

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They act upon an unexpected encounter, a fantasy or an obsession, and end up in a bedroom—though a nonoperational lift or a garden shed would do as well. No masks, collars or restraints required—only the power of desire, the erotic equivalent of striking a match. These five stories depict what happens when the unexpectedly amorous enters the lives of people who could be your next door neighbours.

Bittersweet Symphony

Bittersweet Symphony

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*** WINNER - BRONZE MEDAL - 2015 Global Ebook Awards *** Lena Foch has come a long way despite her bipolar disorder, but her stability is at risk: some of those closest to her aren't what they seem to be. After taking a snap decision, she starts a new life journey. Her old erotic self is awakened and sexual tension arises in unexpected and inconvenient situations.