Luke Parry

fantasy, action, adventure, humour


It's unclear whether he is a doctor moonlighting at being an author, or an author moonlighting at being a doctor, but Luke has been a dedicated bookworm (and incorrigible dreamer) for most of his life. Escapist fantasy has always held a certain appeal, and in recent years he has developed a voracious appetite for the isekai genre (in all its permutations). That said, whilst he might daydream about being 'summoned to another world', he is realistic enough to understand that his life expectancy would be approximately that of a botfly that found its way into an operating room, if something crazy like that actually happened. He shares a house in the nation's capital with a bearded dragon, and a tank full of tropical fish.



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Torpenhow Dreams, Level 1

Torpenhow Dreams, Level 1

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Be careful what you wish for. Disillusioned with reality, Will revels in escapism. Still, he never expected to wake up one day and find he had actually been summoned to another world! With the fate of Torpenhow hanging in the balance, it will take skill, grit, and plenty of luck to succeed … but one out of three isn’t so bad when starting out, right?