David Wilson

Fantasy, Historical, Adventure


David was told that by becoming an engineer, he would be able to be creative. But there is nothing much creative about managing major road and bridge projects, so David turned to writing. His love of history and birds is apparent in Frother’s story. You can expect more stories about Frother’s race to come.



Books by David Wilson

Frother and the Great Southland

Frother and the Great Southland

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1511. Two young friends of a tiny race, Frother and Horrock, watch humans fight over the trading city Malacca. When separated; Frother to a faraway school and Horrock on a voyage to the south; Frother spends years looking for his friend. Amongst searching for human’s maps, swordplay, fighting his King’s enemies, being shipwrecked, and with the help of birds, will he ever find his friend?