Esther Pinskier

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Esther Pinskier was born in Warsaw in 1926 but has lived in Australia for most of her life.

Her life was materially shaped by the tragic events of the Second World War in that she was denied a formal education, displaced and became a refugee. That six year period has in many ways defined her life and raison d'etre.

Her recollection of the events of that period combined with an ongoing desire for an understanding as to why did this occur, have resulted in her reading and attending hundreds of holocaust books and movies. Her knowledge of that period of history from a Polish Jewish perspective is unsurpassed and at 88 years of age is in many ways a living treasure.

'A Glass Half Full' is her both her catharsis and contribution to the broader holocaust collective of works. It is a story of surviving and ultimate thriving. As Esther keeps reminding us, "The fact that I and my family are here, means that the Nazis failed."

Esther lives in Melbourne, Australia. She is self-educated, speaks four languages and her thirst for a continuing education and life remains strong.



Books by Esther Pinskier

A Glass Half Full

A Glass Half Full

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Esther Pinskier began life in Warsaw, Poland in January 1926 - 13 years before the start of World War II. Despite the back story, Esther's positivity and descriptions of life in post-war Paris, Australia and other parts of the world make this a fascinating read and in important social history document.