Ginny Hartley

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My first career was as an occupational therapist (Bachelor of Occupational Therapy). From there it was a natural progression to advance my career to that of counsellor and therapist. I continued to work while acquiring additional academic qualifications (Dip Counselling and Human Service), skills and tools. Today, my career has stretched across more than 20 years of mental health practice, specialising in postnatal work, and specifically helping mothers adjust to life’s stressors. I have been employed exclusively within the public mental health system until more recent times when I added private practice to my duties in the public sector. Over the last two years I have, off and on, been blogging on my Mummability website.

I am passionate about helping mums enjoy motherhood. I am eager to share the insights into motherhood that I gained via my studies, career and practice. I want to see mothers own their own version of being a mum, through unpacking their past and upskilling.

As a mother-of-two, I am ever mindful of practising what I preach. Accordingly I set aside “me” time where I work out, run, train for marathons, bike and chill out with yoga.



Books by Ginny Hartley

Take a Journey to Calm

Take a Journey to Calm

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For today’s mothers the pressures don’t stop with the issues of new motherhood. Most women are trying to be everything to everyone. Take a Journey to Calm shows mothers how these stressors are affecting their lives, and assures them there is light at the end of tunnel.