Tony Gallagher

Memoir, Parenting/Fatherhood, Interpersonal Relations, Personal Growth.


Dr Gallagher’s professional life began at high schools in Western Australia (1965), after which (1970), he joined the Commonwealth Public Service. Much later, (1994), he became a Foreign Expert at Peking University.
Annette, the author’s wife of 47 years, passed away in 2014. His son has two daughters, and his daughter, a son and two daughters. The grandchildren are all gorgeous.
Preferring to burn out, not rust out in retirement, he continues to write and teach English gratis.

Previous publications:
Coordinating Australian University Development,
University of Queensland Press 1982
In Their Own Words: Profiles of Today’s Chinese Students,
China Books San Francisco 1997



Books by Tony Gallagher

On the Up: The Making of a Perth Boy

On the Up: The Making of a Perth Boy

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Beachside Como and South Perth in the 1950s and 60s – the time and place of my early life. Then, even more than now, Perth’s remoteness gave its citizens a distinctive independent spirit.

To guide you to that distant time and place, I write as wholeheartedly as I can - of Perth, the city of my youth, as well as the events, people, songs and movies that moulded me. That said, the biggest influence in the making of this Perth boy was my dad. So this memoir is as much his as mine.

Like boys the world over, I copied my dad to be loved by him. And in my case, as I grew, I soaked up dad’s repressed childhood anxieties. Eventually, they became a persistent, unwanted inner voice telling me I wasn’t good enough. As a young man, finding, and then grappling with the source of my deep insecurity became a relentless quest. And yet, as you will read, it was because of that personal struggle that I discovered a way to admire and accept my dad as he was.