Ela Simon



I am the daughter of Holocaust survivors. This changes the way I look at issues and deal with situations. I appreciate all that I have and for the sacrifices my parents made in Poland, Israel and Australia to give me a better and safer life.

I come from a creative family of authors, poets, musicians, photographers, film reviewers, producers, directors, animators and cinematographers.

I live in Sydney near the beautiful surf beach of Maroubra surrounded by great friends and wonderful family.

Although I worked in computers as a systems analyst for many years, my biggest love is telling and writing non fiction stories.



Books by Ela Simon

It’s All Relatives

It’s All Relatives

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'It's All Relatives' is a memoir of 3 generations of the Gross family. Across 3 continents; from WWI, happy times before the second world war in Poland, the catastrophe of the Holocaust during WWII and Poland after the war. Then leaving Poland for Israel and finally migrating to Australia.