Lauren Spero

Mindfulness, Self-help


Lauren Spero is a 31 year old mother of two whose life has, for the past 10 years, been defined by a low grade, but looming and unknowable brain tumour. Thanks to Dr Charlie Teo, she is now blessed to be able to live her life trying to forget that it even exists.

As a way to overcome her feelings about this situation and its permanence in her life, she found healing in the form of gratitude. Inspired by her experience of finding healing through gratitude, she started the ‘Grateful For’ project to help raise funds and awareness for the Charlie Teo Foundation as well as inspiring each person who contributed to this book to look within and find their own sense of gratitude.



Books by Lauren Spero

Grateful For

Grateful For

'Grateful For' is a compilation of public submissions of gratitude. It contains introspective words and stories that seek to encourage the reader to develop a sense of the emotion that Dr Charlie Teo's patients feel towards him for his life-altering contribution to their lives.

The book is an uplifting insight into the things that we, as humans, truly value. It is the perfect 'feel good' gift to give yourself or your loved one!

All profits raised in the sales of this book will be donated to the Charlie Teo Foundation.

This book can only be purchased via the author's website - see above (next to her social media links). For more on the Charlie Teo Foundation, visit: