Michelle Ahern Bevans

Poetry, non-fiction short story


Michelle Ahern Bevans is a writer, poet and author of Counting You to Pieces, her first published collection of poetry. Living in a small coastal town south of Sydney, Australia – Michelle’s passion for writing started at a young age as she discovered the powerful tool of using coded language to hide her diary secrets from her older sister.

For over two decades she has continued to write – crafting non-fiction short stories, essays and articles. While her professional work in Communications keeps writing central in her life, her love of rhythm and language have kept poetry at the heart of her work where she delves into themes of loss, authenticity, femininity and existence.




Books by Michelle Ahern Bevans

Counting You to Pieces

Counting You to Pieces

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'Counting You to Pieces' is the first collection of poetry from writer Michelle Ahern Bevans.
Spanning two decades of material, the vibrant and rhythmic poetic style captures the light and shade of everyday moments, the nuances of humanity and the relationships that bind us.

A stirring first collection that delves into loss, authenticity, femininity and existence – Michelle’s self-expressive style creates an open space for the reader to linger, taking what they need and creating their own meaning.