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Brooke Robertson

Brooke  Robertson

genres: Religion; Autobiography

Brooke Robertson lives in Sydney and describes herself as an introvert with selective social adaptability. Having spent six and a half years stroking a competitive ego in the health and fitness industry, she is now trying her hand at telling compelling stories with the intent to provoke thought, share truth and offer hope. Brooke is passionate about building quality friendships, zealously chasing deeper intimacy with God and seeking to live with authenticity. Brooke can be found laughing and eating and most likely dominating a game of Scattergories with her best buds.

Books by Brooke Robertson

Robust In Love: My Brave Heart Journey

Robust In Love: My Brave Heart Journey

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What is Bravery? Am I Brave?

Have an exclusive tour of Brooke’s heart and mind as she asks big questions and learns to navigate life, relationships and challenges with a profound revelation of Love, Bravery and Vulnerability.






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