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Allyn J Radford

Allyn J Radford

genres: Fiction, Science Fiction, Romance

Allyn has worked most of his life in technology and education. Writing this novel comes as a result of a lifetime of being fascinated by human behaviour, beliefs, emotions and the nature of the soul. This thinking was probably stimulated by having a father who was a psychiatrist, a mother who was a nurse and having worked in a Pathology Department where their leading research efforts were in Alzheimer’s disease.

Through the early part of his life, he was influenced by a family and relationships that were deeply religious from a traditional perspective. Later in life there was an opportunity to be influenced by less traditional views.

‘The End of Forever’ explores humanity and the soul in a unique way. It is definitely fiction, but with just enough science to allow readers an opportunity to explore their own journey.

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The End of Forever

The End of Forever

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For decades people who have wanted to defeat death have been cryonically frozen. But what happens when the first person is unfrozen and brought back into the world? What challenges emerge for those involved and for humanity? Is it really only money that stands between us and immortality? And what about the soul?






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