Glen Tiger4life Fisher



Glen Fisher, despite a horrific childhood, has fought many demons to become the writer of this true story that addresses many issues surrounding children of dysfunctional families and how the system can get it so wrong.

Glen expresses himself through this book and also through art and poetry. His motivation for his arts is to give hope and inspiration where there may be none.

Today Glen is a proud dad and grandad and advocate for Forgotten Australians.



Books by Glen Tiger4life Fisher

Predators' Paradise: A Journey of Survival and Resilience

Predators' Paradise: A Journey of Survival and Resilience

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An autobiography of a boy born to addicted parents. His journey to institutional care, where deceit and abuse by paedophiles prevails.

A poignant story of separation that leads to love but also self destruction through addiction. He fights his way back and turns his life around.

A compelling book that leaves readers in awe of the human spirit.

Predators' Paradise is co-written with fellow IndieMosh author Kate Shayler (Burnished: Burnside Life Stories).