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Dale and Melinda Walker

Dale and Melinda Walker

genres: Juvenile Fiction, Picture Books

Dale & Melinda Walker are married with 6 children they share a common interest in the preservation of the way in-which children's book's are written & illustrated hence giving growing minds every chance to use their own imagination & not rely on a computer to process for them.

Hopefully this will mean less screen time giving more time to expand their peripheral thinking & enable them to disappear into their own little wonderland.

Books by Dale and Melinda Walker

Queen Mazy and the Magic Honeysuckle Vine

Queen Mazy and the Magic Honeysuckle Vine

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Follow Queen Mazy and her loyal swarm of busy bees as they work with the townsfolk of Daffodile to save the magic honeysuckle vine after its flowers are eaten by squirrels. Without the vine, there is no honey, and without honey the townsfolk of Daffodile have nothing to sell. How will they pay their bills?

Queen Mazy and the Magic Honeysuckle Vine is a brightly illustrated children's book which conveys messages of teamwork and problem-solving, while also outlining how bees live and work.






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