Cecile Ravell

Memoir, Interpersonal relationships, Psychotherapy, Jung's Archetypes, immigrant experience, romance


Cecile Ravell is a creative memoir author and poet. Her novellas include Dilemmas of a Middle-aged Madonna and Child Magical. Her characters are an amalgam of the people she has interacted with throughout her life. She augments their traits with her fascination with human resilience, and her passion for travelling, to take her female protagonists on an internal as well as an external journey of discovery.

She has won first prize in the World Writers Collective saddest short-story competition for ‘The Drama of Dying’, and for two flash-fiction stories ‘On My Merits’ and ‘Not So Cocky Now’. Her anthology of short stories and poetry will be published in The Soul Bared – a selection can be previewed at https://ravellc.wixsite.com/ravell-the-writer/blog.



Books by Cecile Ravell

Love on a Faultline

Love on a Faultline

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An accomplished woman falls for the archetypal 'bad boy'. Her compulsion to remain in the 20-year relationship with a self-sabotaging abusive man, who is unable to reciprocate her love, leads her to enquire into the unconscious factors that kept her from leaving.