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Edward Fletcher

Edward Fletcher

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Edward Fletcher was born at Budgong NSW, near Kangaroo Valley in 1933.

His mother Sylvia and sister Pamela moved to Nowra NSW when he was 2 years old after his father was killed on their rented farm by a lightning strike during a violent storm. (His mother, alone and isolated by the flooding river somehow cleaned and dressed her husband and with no telephone, waited for help next morning. Nowra business firms provided a house to rent, furniture and food until she eventually received a pension. She went deaf soon after and was always terrified during storms from then on.)

Edward always loved composition at school and continued writing at every opportunity. He met Marie Hooker at Nowra and they married then moved to Sydney. They both enjoyed travelling around NSW (initially on a motor cycle) then purchasing an old Kombi and eventually a small caravan and a better car!

Edward’s joy of writing remains, he still enters competitions (at age 80-plus) and ‘hates’ computers although he recognises their marvellous benefits.

Books by Edward Fletcher

Six Wheels and a Full Tank

Six Wheels and a Full Tank

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Joining Australia Post at thirty years of age and sorting countless tourist postcards each day eventually inspired Mail Officer Fletcher to travel around Australia and see what was beyond that Black Stump!

He retired at 60 with a heart condition, and with his aged Toyota truck and much-travelled Viscount caravan, he set off with his wife and their tiny Chihuahua ...






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