Susanna Jose

Relationships, Self Help


Susanna Jose trained as a Commonwealth marriage celebrant in 2013 after a teaching career in three states and territories, as an early childhood teacher, adviser and for nineteen years, a school principal.

In both education and celebrancy, Susanna recognised the importance of celebrating the milestone moments in life. She has conducted numerous namings, renewal of vows ceremonies, funerals, and mainly finds herself solemnising the biggest milestones of all – marriage ceremonies.

Growing up south of Adelaide in South Australia, Susanna spent ten years in Darwin and now lives in Canberra with her husband. Four daughters and their families including four grandchildren live in, or within a few hours from Canberra. Susanna continues to mentor and support teachers and aspiring school leaders and is a regular RSPCA volunteer.



Books by Susanna Jose

Marry Me!: A Guide for Couples Planning their Marriage Ceremony

Marry Me!: A Guide for Couples Planning their Marriage Ceremony

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Marry Me! A guide for couples planning their marriage ceremony provides help to plan a personal, meaningful marriage ceremony, from simple legal to large and lavish. Marry Me! explains the legalities of getting married in Australia, choosing a celebrant, vows, readings, music, symbols, rituals, photos and unplugged ceremonies.