John Maddocks

Memoir, Travel, Survival, Psychology


John Maddocks' latest book 'Against the Odds' is an inspirational true story of survival, resilience and transformation. Smashed by the world's worst tsunami, John had to overcome the swirling chaos of traumatic stress in order to avoid falling victim to PTSD. His quest turned into a gripping and challenging mental and spiritual adventure. 'Against the Odds' has been described by critics as 'powerful and profound' and reading 'like a thriller'.

John's young adult fiction 'Streetwise' (University of Queensland Press) is widely used in Australian secondary schools.

As well as being a fiction and non-fiction author, John is an award-winning travel writer and photographer, with hundreds of articles and images published in major national and international newspapers and magazines since 1990. His work also appears on numerous websites and social media outlets.

John is a member of the Australian Society of Travel Writers, the country's most highly respected travel media body. John's articles range across budget, adventure, luxury and family travel as well as traditional and expedition cruising. He has travelled to both polar regions and over 60 countries in between, sharing tips and insights with readers in Australia and overseas.

During his life John has worked as a taxi driver, rock band promoter, academic, teacher, writer and editor. He has edited 37 books on a variety of topics.

Although he believes that travel is the best education, John also gained a Master of Arts with first class honours and a PhD in English from the University of Sydney along the way.



Books by John Maddocks

Against the Odds: Surviving the World's Worst Tsunami and Overcoming Trauma

Against the Odds: Surviving the World's Worst Tsunami and Overcoming Trauma

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Against the Odds is an amazing true account of survival in the face of the world's worst tsunami. Journalist John Maddocks survived being smashed by a 10-metre high wall of water as thousands around him died. Returning home, John faced an epic struggle to overcome severe trauma. This is his story of resilience and recovery.