Jaclyn Braund

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Jaclyn Braund is a born-and-bred Australian. She began the first 10 years of her adult life as a Paramedic witnessing the extreme stress and emotional energy that encompasses the entire human experience. After enriching her life with training in Kinesiology, and Neuro-Linguistics, her first book, 'Blank Canvas - Know Your Soul to Discover Your Sole Purpose' was born. This creation is a product of observing the benefits of understanding and managing emotions, the imagination, and meditation. Awareness and cultivation of inner peace can completely turn a person's life around 180 degrees to bring an abundance of joy, happiness, and Gratitude.



Books by Jaclyn Braund

Blank Canvas: Know Your Soul to Discover your Sole Purpose

Blank Canvas: Know Your Soul to Discover your Sole Purpose

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Need to go to the next level to get to the bottom of things?
Sick of being a prisoner in your own mind? Want to take control of your life?
Coping with your candle or ready to illuminate the bigger picture?
Your journey of enlightening self-discovery begins today.
Start with a clean slate, a 'Blank Canvas' - it's time for YOU to thrive!