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Anthony Chidiac is an up and coming writer who has written various short stories and articles for school magazines, newsletters, newspapers and journals for over 10 years.

Anthony is a High School teacher with a HSIE background and is currently working as a Diverse Learning Specialist in a culturally diverse, school in South Western Sydney. He has worked as a teacher for almost 30 years. The school setting has exposed him to a wide range of students, allowing him to gain a solid understanding of their motivations/ interests in exploring and interacting with a text.

In his role Anthony has taught Literacy and Writing skills to students ranging in ability from upper primary to the HSC level. Some of his students have gone on to develop and publish their own work. Anthony was proudly involved in the mentoring, editing, promotion and publishing of their books.

Anthony has worked in libraries and community centres across Sydney delivering a range of seminars and workshops to many students for a number of years.

Anthony has studied extensively and has graduated with several Degrees. He has a B.Ed. (Hons). M. Ed (Counselling), Grad Dip Arts, M. Arts, Dip. Business (Marketing), Grad Cert. Inclusive / Gifted Education and is looking at undertaking further research in the field of Education. As part of his Masters Research Degree Anthony has written articles that have been published in Academic Journals.
Anthony is also involved in the wider community and works as a Family and Adolescent Counsellor and makes himself available as a Justice of the Peace.

'The Priceless Gift' is his first major writing project written for a young adult audience. This writing of this book began in 2008 only to be left for some years and later continued and completed in 2017, just in time to commemorate Utzon's 100th birthday in 2018.



Books by Anthony Chidiac

The Priceless Gift

The Priceless Gift

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The Priceless Gift explores the inspiring story of Jorn Utzon whose gifts of creativity, imagination and determination would change the landscape of Sydney forever with his innovative Opera House design. By relying on the wisdom of famous architectural designers and using nature as his inspiration Utzon's buildings dramatically came to life from their surrounding environment.