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Meridith McKinnon

Meridith McKinnon

genres: Thriller, Suspense, Politics, Social issues

My Dad bought me my first type writer when I was about 14! It was yellow in a portable case! Is that showing my age!! Moving onto computers I guess those typing skills stood me well - just needed to add the IT knowledge. Studying has always been part of my life which has now evolved into writing. I have a strong interest in language and cultural difference with a good grasp of Thai and although I have studied Korean at Yonsei University in Seoul, my Korean isn't so proficient!

I live in the most southern part of Australia's mainland on a property with my husband and often two children when they are not working or travelling overseas. I work with new arrivals to Australia and believe that cultural understanding is important no matter how remote our lives are from cultural difference. I advocate for peace in Burma where persecuted minorities continue to struggle for a safe existence.

When I am not writing I love the outdoors, travelling often and crochet! I am currently researching and preparing my next novel.

Books by Meridith McKinnon

The Thai Wife

The Thai Wife

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Lek Jaipong’s family is surrounded by violence, much of it emanating from the background of human trafficking carried out across central Thailand. When she marries David, an Australian engineer from Warrnambool, her life changes forever. But she can never escape the memories. Haunted by her past, Lek eventually makes a choice about her future.






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