James Caulfield

Crime, Cyber-crime


James Caulfield loves books. His parents were reading him classics such as Harry Potter and the Deltora Quest series well before he could even read. Big names such as Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett share his bookshelf with George Orwell and Harper Lee. As well as having a soft spot for Sci-Fi, James particularly enjoys big ideas and the exploration of bold concepts. James lives in country New South Wales, Australia with his family. Their home is a pair of converted railway carriages and here they spend their time caring for injured wildlife. His first published book, Dark Web, simultaneously won the young adult and adult prizes in the 2016 Goulburn Spyfest short story competition and was written while completing Year 10 at Goulburn High School.



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Dark Web

Dark Web

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“You're probably one of the best hackers who isn't hiding out in an embassy in London.”

Little more than a day after the election, convicted cyber-criminal Dennis Fitzroy finds himself approached by disgraced MP Wenda Brewer on behalf of ASIO. What she asks is risky – breathtakingly so – playing with fire in the most dangerous way.

How could he resist?